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Q: Can the 2-Wire Villa System release 2 locks?
A: Yes, we supply 2 unlocking buttons to unlock two locks.

Q: How many Indoor Monitors and Outdoor Stations can be connected in your 2-Wire Villa System ?
A: Max 4 Indoor Monitors and 2 Outdoor Stations. Or you can connect one Outdoor Station & extra camera.

Q: Are your all kinds of outdoor stations water-proof?
A:Yes, all our outdoor stations are water-proof, including Audio & Video outdoor stations

Q: Did your outdoor stations open the door with dry contact?
A:Yes, correct.

Q: Do you have metal indoor monitor like aluminum?
A: Yes, our aluminum case indoor monitors,for high end market.

Q: Do you have 2-wire villa system with touch screen?
A: Yes, they are our popular solution.

Q: One of our big customer looking for the 2-wire villa system with intercom between 2 audio phones, please confirm it is ok or not?
A: Yes, it is ok.

Q: We are interesting your TCP/IP system,could you explain us that what are the main functions and features of this system?
A: The functions and features include: A. Calling/Talking/Unlocking B. Intercom between apartments. C. No busy line during the operation D. Second-confirm outdoor station for option E. Guard station or PC software for option F. 6-zone alarms for option

Q: We need the Access Control installed in the car entrance system, please confirm the effective distance?

A: The effective distance is 20M max.

Q: Do your company accept OEM,ODM or SKD?
A: Yes, we cooperated with so many partners with OEM,ODM and SKD for 16 years.

Q: One of our customers installed your TCP/IP system 266 apartments last year, now this customer hope to add 266 second-confirm outdoor stations ,can we do that(can we accept his order)?
A: Yes, you can add these second-confirm outdoor stations now, it is easy and simple.

Q: Can your 2 –wire video system compatible with your 2-wire audio system?
A: No, they are not compatible.

Q: How is the max working distance from the outdoor station to the last indoor monitor?
A: For 2-wire villa system, or 4-wire villa system the max working distance is 70m with 0.5mms.q cable.

Q: We are from UK, we installed your 2-wire video system(touch screen)in 2008,now,I hope to add more one indoor monitor, can you tell me how I can get them?
A: Yes, you can. Our UK agent will contact you within 24 hours, If you need any help more ,please contact us again with thanks.More information to you, our 2-wire video system can connect Max 2 outdoor station and 4 indoor monitors.

Q: We hope to become your exclusive agent in South Africa, you have the exclusive agent there or not? What is the terms and conditions?
A: No, we have sold our product from the year of 2004,but no exclusive agent there yet. So you can discuss with us about the terms and conditions.

Q: Norway is far from China, what is your after-service policy?
A: One year international after-service.